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Natural Hearing Protection: Hands?

Have you ever covered your ears with your hands to protect yourself from loud noise? That’s the closest to natural hearing protection that we’ve got, but just how much does it reduce the sound pressure level reaching your ear? And what’s the best method? This experiment aims to find out.

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Institute of Acoustics Southern Region Group Evening Meeting

25th September 2014

This meeting examined aircraft acoustics from the perspective of issues concerning both the military and civilian sectors.

At the end of the meeting there was a tour around the spectacular QinetiQ Noise Test Facility,  including one of the largest anechoic chambers in the world.

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Tour Our Facilities

Here at Southampton Solent University we were lucky enough to have a brand new hemi-anechoic chamber opened on May 2013. Take a look around in the interactive street-view image below, or hit continue reading to see some higher quality images of our equipment.

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