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Solent Acoustics are pleased to offer our Institute of Acoustics accredited short courses the for the 2014 period.

This year we are once again running our popular Certificates of Competency in both Building Acoustic Measurement and Environmental Noise Measurement. These courses run for a 1 week intensive period, and offer an excellent introduction to the world of acoustics to people that may not need more formal qualifications in acoustics, but want to get a working knowledge of the principles.

The courses are all a week long, and run on the following dates:

Certificates of Competency in Building Acoustic Measurement courses begin on:

  • 7th April
  • 15th September

Certificates of Competency in Environmental Noise Measurement courses begin on:

  • 12th May
  • 6th October

For further details and registration, please click here.


Can a pill prevent hearing loss?

Some very interesting work by Dr. Kathleen Campbell is revealing that there may be potential to produce an orally induced drug that could act as a preventative to hearing loss. 

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Acousto-Optic Scanning: Seeing Sound

Being able to visually interpret sound would be an extremely useful function, one that could aid people in the understanding of wave propagation and how those waves interact with each other. As well as this, visualising sound could aid loudspeaker design as manufacturers are able to more accurately study the interference patterns that determine the directivity and frequency response of their products.

Researchers at the National Physical Laboratory seem to have done just that, using a scanning laser Doppler vibrometer that can measure the minute changes in optical phase as the laser passes through an acoustic field.

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The Acoustics of the Epidaurus Theatre

Situated across the Saronic Gulf from Athens, the ancient greek city of Epidaurus is home to a 15,000 seat theatre that was once used for lavish dramas and banquets. It is well known for having remarkable acoustic properties, allowing voices from the stage to travel clearly to the very top row of seats, without amplification.

Researchers from Georgia’s Institute of Technology have discovered the science behind the Greek theatre’s incredible acoustics, carrying out in-situ measurements and using computer modelling to determine what effect the steep incline and unique layout have on the propagation of sound.


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The LDV: Laser Doppler Vibrometer

Solent Acoustics has recently acquired a laser doppler vibrometer!

Produced by Polytec, the PDV-100 is capable of non-contact velocity measurement from 0 to 22kHz with a range of around 30m. The laser itself is eye-safe, making it perfect for use in student projects. It is also very portable which allows us to carry out measurements in a wide range of locations, even with limited access.

The LDV can be used for almost any vibration measurement without providing an additional mass to the subject under test as an accelerometer would. This increases the accuracy of vibration measurements while also allowing us to investigate things not possible with accelerometers, such as the sound of a spiders mating dance!

For more information on the PDV-100 read the data sheet provided by Polytec, found here:

Tour Our Facilities

Here at Southampton Solent University we were lucky enough to have a brand new hemi-anechoic chamber opened on May 2013. Take a look around in the interactive street-view image below, or hit continue reading to see some higher quality images of our equipment.

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