Hearing Protection & Screening

Solent Acoustics are now pleased to offer custom made hearing protection and in-ear monitors to both students of Southampton Solent University and the general public through ACS.

Prices shown below are for students and members of Southampton Solent University only.  Prices for the general public are available on request.

Hearing protection is available as universal fit (ER20/Pacato) or custom moulds with a choice of filters. We also offer single driver in-ear monitors (multiple drivers may be available on request). Hearing screening is also available.

Example of custom ACS earplugs


Pair of ACS Pacato Universal fit earplugs: £6.50 (RRP £12.99)
Pair of ACS ER20 Universal Fit earplugs£6.50 (RRP £12.99)
Pair of ACS Pro 10/15/17/20/26 Moulds : £99 (RRP £139)
Pair of ACS Evoke Studio single-driver in-ear monitors: £199 (RRP £299)
Hearing screening £10

For custom ear moulds we will take impressions of your ears in-house, which will then be sent off to ACS to produce the product of your choice.  Your impressions will be kept on file for up to 4 years, negating the need for new impressions to be taken in the event of purchasing new protection or IEMs.

For more information, visit our webshop here, or email acoustics@solent.ac.uk with ‘Earplugs’ in the title line.

Note: For custom mould plugs and IEMs you need to ensure that your ears are healthy and clear of wax.   If you have had a recent ear infection, ear surgery, or are experiencing pain in either ear, please get your ears checked by a GP or practice nurse before  paying for plugs. Excessive ear wax can also cause a poor quality mould, so if this is the case on examination you will need to get this seen to by a medical professional.


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