Delivered by highly knowledgeable and experienced staff, our services reflect the diversity of acoustic, noise and vibration requirements in both the public and private sectors.

We have a wide range of acoustic test an analysis equipment, and are well equipped to undertake most acoustic projects. Or areas of expertise include:

Environmental Noise

  • Environmental noise monitoring, modelling and assessment
  • Environmental impact assessments and planning guidance
  • Music festival noise assessment and control
  • BS 5228: Noise control on construction and open sites
  • ETSU-R97: Wind turbine noise
  • BS 4142: Industrial noise affecting mixed residential and industrial areas

Building acoustics

  • BS 8233: Sound insulation and noise reduction for buildings
  • Acoustic modelling for performance spaces
  • Building regulations (Part E)
  • Soundproofing and reverberation treatment design

Product testing

  • Insertion loss measurements for hearing protection (ISO 4869)
  • Sound power testing
  • Loudspeaker testing (Thiele-small, THD+N, frequency response, etc)
  • Headphone testing

Other services

  • Audiometry screening
  • Vibration analysis (Accelerometer and laser Doppler vibrometer)

We are always happy to discuss your requirements and offer advice, so please fill in the form and contact us. Alternatively, feel free to call  023 8031 9000 and ask for Dr Chris Barlow, or Juan Battaner-Moro.

Alternatively, email


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