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Coffee shops provide great acoustics for creativity

As acousticians, we know (or like to think!) that the sound around us affects us in ways that most people don’t realise. Whether it’s reverb in your classroom that means you can’t hear the teacher properly, or in the shower making you think you’re a great singer, the acoustic spaces around us have a pretty  profound effect on the way we experience life, that often goes unnoticed.

This makes you wonder what the ideal acoustic specification for a space is. What’s the best reverb time for music, or the best noise level for concentrating, or perhaps being creative? This is the question that Ravi Mehta, Rui Zhu and Amar Cheema undertook to answer in their 2012 paper; “Is Noise Always Bad? Exploring the Effects of Ambient Noise on Creative Cognition”.1

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Taking a tour around Solent’s new campus building

As the work around the new building at Solent is drawing to a close, students studying with the acoustics group took the opportunity to tour around the site, from the acoustic perspective. Named “The Spark”, the building features a striking central pod, which houses classroom space, and an open topped viewing platform of the full-height atrium.

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Solent Acoustics is running an MSc in Applied Acoustics

The MSc in Applied Acoustics targets those who are working in, or wish to work in professional fields linked to acoustics.   It particularly targets people with relevant qualifications who would like to develop their acoustics knowledge to work in acoustics consulting, but it is also highly relevant to people working in environmental health, occupational health and safety, product development and design, audio engineering, mechanical engineering and environmental consulting.

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Perceptually optimised sound zones

Last month we had the pleasure of an invitation to the University of Surrey, to attend a presentation and demonstration of some really interesting research on sound zones.

The team, headed by Dr Philip Jackson, was supported by Bang & Olufsen, and is a joint effort from the Centre for Vision, Speech, & Signal Processing, and the Institute of Sound Recording within the University.

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Register now for our acoustics short courses

Solent Acoustics are pleased to offer our Institute of Acoustics accredited short courses the for the 2014 period.

This year we are once again running our popular Certificates of Competency in both Building Acoustic Measurement and Environmental Noise Measurement. These courses run for a 1 week intensive period, and offer an excellent introduction to the world of acoustics to people that may not need more formal qualifications in acoustics, but want to get a working knowledge of the principles.

The courses are all a week long, and run on the following dates:

Certificates of Competency in Building Acoustic Measurement courses begin on:

  • 7th April
  • 15th September

Certificates of Competency in Environmental Noise Measurement courses begin on:

  • 12th May
  • 6th October

For further details and registration, please click here.