Taking a tour around Solent’s new campus building

As the work around the new building at Solent is drawing to a close, students studying with the acoustics group took the opportunity to tour around the site, from the acoustic perspective. Named “The Spark”, the building features a striking central pod, which houses classroom space, and an open topped viewing platform of the full-height atrium.

Joining Paul Hill from Hann Tucker Associates, students from all levels of the Solent Acoustics degree pathway (BEng Acoustics and Audio Engineering, IOA Diploma, and MSc Applied Acoustics) were invited to come to take a look around. As a previous graduate from Solent University, Paul undertook a BSc (Hons) in Audio Technology within Entertainment Technology, the original working group that Solent Acoustics branched out from, graduating in 2006. Since then Paul was given the opportunity to act as consultant to the contractors working on The Spark project.

The spark is a £30 million investment into improving facilities on campus for staff and students, and forms part of a wider £100 million campus development plan, due for completion in 2020.


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